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So you are in The Hollywood City- Los Angeles, the jewel in the crown of California. It is one of the four top cities in USA, the other three being New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. You may have been brought here for shopping, romance or just plain travel Los Angeles mindset. Anyhow, the purpose is served and you are in Los Angeles.

Places to visit

Los Angeles travel guide is quite a possession if you want to see places in the city. There are so many places to venture out that you will be floored. Hollywood Walk of Fame is the place for must-visit. Here you get to see many celebrities making rounds in their swanky cars if you are lucky. County Museum is also one of the favorite spots.

You get to see the Universal Studios and check the rides. Elysian Park is another place where you can rest at ease and let time pass by. There are other areas which you may try out to capture the full essence of Los Angeles travel.

There are a great many hotels in which to drop baggage. You get a choice of riches from luxury, exclusive, comfort and budget chain and boutique hotels. Even if you do not stay there and have a farmhouse, or better, a home to live in, you can always gape at the beautiful buildings that act as hotels.

How to get to places?

Transportation is always an important arm of a city. And when the city is ever buzzing with tourists, you will feel the crowd of cars and wagons overhauling the crowd of people. Strange but true!

Thankfully, Los Angeles has fully furnished transportation infrastructure. This is one more reason to make Los Angeles travel much respected.


If you have a morning flight to catch or a day one, worry not if you can call shuttle. The rates may be high but there is a system with which the on-demand shuttles work. They will exactly point out what time a particular place will take; say, airport, railway station or Hollywood. They are known to be correct most of the time. This service is very professional.

Metro rail

Metro rail is the bloodstream of the city from 1990 onwards. The environment friendly nature is a big boost for times ridden by global warming fears. The service is varied and you get to cover almost whole of Los Angeles if you plan well. What is Los Angeles travel without a careful spread of Metro rail?

Metro basically runs in six color lines; blue, green, red, orange, purple and gold. Orange is the best service and has connection with rapid bus transit. It takes you to the Hollywood terminus.

Blue line takes you to the carnival beach Long Beach. The other lines also take you to important and tertiary parts of the busy city. Whichever city the Metro rail is available, it becomes the center of moving activity.

Metro buses

For Los Angeles CA travel, Metro buses are the next in line and are quite efficient. Plus, you do not have to get down boarding a train. That is a minus point for metro rails as the handicapped ad senior people find it hard to use Metro rail as a means of transportation.

Metro Local is the artery of Los Angeles travel. You get to stop anywhere you like to, or within half a kilometer of its radius this is because there are countless stops and that causes the fare to be quite affordable. It runs a non-exhaustive network.

Metro Rapid stops only in five or six places throughout its traversing distance. It runs on select routes and is generally not stopped by the signals. Actually transponders help the police know that a Metro rapid is arriving and so the signal is released at the earliest.

Metro Express is only meant for expressways, freeways and highways. It stops only when someone feels nature calls, or when it passes tolls.

Los Angeles travel guide gives you the proper knowledge of when these buses are available. The second and third buses have raised fares.

Dash network

They say your Los Angeles travel is incomplete if you have not been on a Dash. Los Angeles Downtown is quite a picture and pretty huge. To cover it, six quick bus routes operate, jointly known as Dash. Mainly, office goers take advantage of the bus. It is also available for some external routes.

So Los Angeles travel is helped by a coterie of well-mannered transportation. You will not be short of options. Even if you are short on cash, do not worry. You get cheap transports too. Yes, the speed gets a tad slow on these cheap transports.

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Travel Around in Los Angeles - City's Public Transportation Info

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