Celebrity Spotting in Los Angeles

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Even if you're not all that interested in spotting the biggest A-listers during your holiday in Los Angeles, there's no mistaking that doing so always makes a great talking point. If you're one of plenty of people who think that no trip to Los Angeles is complete without seeing one of the world's greatest superstars, well, you could be in luck: the home of Hollywood is notorious for its lengthy list of famous residents, so you might just find that celebrity spotting is easier than you think.

For a sure fire way to catch a glimpse of a west coast A-lister, the key is to put yourself where they usually hang out. Sure, it's possible that you'll spot someone walking up the street while you're out exploring, but the chances are you'll be better off placing yourself somewhere that celebrities are known to go. For example, there are several top quality Los Angeles restaurants that are known not only for their celebrity clientele but their exquisite food, meaning you can combine a celebrity spotting opportunity with delicious gourmet fare - sounds like a win win situation, right?

Some of these restaurants include Ago, an esteemed Italian restaurant which is often packed with local celebs, the beautiful Chateau Marmont, where décor is as important as delicious food, Firenze Osteria, where you can enjoy fantastic new cocktail creations by an expert mixologist, Jose Andres' Bazaar, where tapas and TV stars can be seen, and Culina Modern Italian, a surprisingly affordable restaurant known to be frequently populated by the stars. Be sure to check if you have to book in advance if you're planning on eating at once of these excellent establishments.

But where else can you attempt to spot the celebrities during your brief trip to the land of the stars? Well, there's a lot to choose from - like the beach, all of the coolest bars and clubs, close by to TV and movie filming studios (check the diners and lunch spots around here at key times of the day) and, of course, on Hollywood tours such as the bus and walking tours that bring you to see the houses of today's top celebrities.

Whether you strike it lucky or not, you can be sure you'll be exhausted after all that exploring when you return to your Los Angeles hotels - just make sure you get a good night's sleep so you can get up bright and early and do it all over again the next day.

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Celebrity Spotting in Los Angeles

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This article was published on 2010/10/14